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Harness the floral bouquet of lavender in herbal pillows, sachets, potpourri mixtures and incense blends. The dried buds are baked into cookies, scones, breads and cakes. They’re also added to tea blends. In fact, lavender is the “secret” ingredient that offsets the flavor of bergamot in Lady Earl Grey tea (itself a variation on the wildly popular Earl Grey tea.

cosmetic Tincture or infuse in oil for use in making salves, lotions and other products for hair and skin.
decorative Use in floral displays and when making candles and other crafts.
culinary Add sparingly to baked goods and tea blends.
household Lavender is used in homemade laundry soap and in other cleaning products.
aromatic Use to make floral waters and eau de cologne.
industrial Lavender herb and essential oil are used in a variety of commercial industries.