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cosmetic Infuse in oil for use as a massage oil or to make salves, ointments and other topical formulations.
culinary Use whole in baked or stewed fruits and crushed in baked goods.
household Tincture in alcohol or witch hazel for use as a general disinfectant.
aromatic Use in simmering potpourri and in floral crafts.
industrial The spice is used in the food industry to flavor a variety of foods and beverages.

Most people are familiar with ground cloves as a baking spice, but whole cloves also have culinary value. A ham studded with cloves and baked is a popular winter dish.

Simple holiday ornaments can be made from oranges peppered with cloves, or you can welcome guests into your home with the enticing aroma of simmering potpourri that consists of cinnamon sticks, orange peel and whole cloves.